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The Secretariat for Catholic Education, which coordinates all Church schools in Malta and Gozo and provides them assistance in several ways, and the Secretariat for Social Communications which  is responsible for proclaiming the Church’s pastoral work through the media, in close collaboration with each other, are working on an extensive Media Education programme that:


  • is committed to give teachers, students and parents professional resources to learn
  • is fun and attractive
  • is student-centred and adopts a creative pedagogical approach
  • promotes creative production and critical thinking
  • generates a unique experience
  • is focused: it knows what it stands for and plays to its strengths
  • will strengthem Media Education as a Church school subject in its own right and is also diffused through a cross-surricular approach.

Our Contributors

Edward Wright

Edward Wright is the Head of Department for Media Education and PSD at the Secretariat for Catholic Education. He also teaches PSD, Social Studies and Environmental Studies at St. Michael’s School in Santa Venera. He first graduated with an Honours degree in Psychology and...
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Clive Piscopo

Clive Piscopo graduated with an MA in English in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Theory in 2007. For the past 8 years he has been teaching English language and literature in the morning and drama and theatre in the evenings. Trained by tutors of the Royal Shakespeare...
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Robert Aloisio

Robert Aloisio is a teacher at St.Michael’s School, St.Venera. He is the Guidance Teacher and also teaches PSD and Maltese. For years he also taught Media Education and still takes several initiatives to diffuse the subject across the curriculum. Robert will be choosing one film...
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