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The Secretariat for Social Communications and the Secretariat for Catholic Education would like to welcome you to this virtual space which we all hope would increase the awareness of the imortance and relevance of Media Education in today’s world. The primary aim of this website is to provide useful resources on Media Education to teachers, students and parents. A cross-surricular approach to Media Education is adopted and, in practice, this means that teachers of every curricular subject could eventually use find this website useful to teach their subject. The website also encourages the sharing of good practice among teachers.

Latest News

Edward Wright

Babel Short Film Festival (Splash and Fun Park)

Babel Film Festival at Splash & Fun Park – Bahar ic-Caghaq on Fri 5th August at 8.30 p.m. Babel is defined as a city where the building of a tower is halted by the confusion of tongues. A complex and fascinating subject that of a thousand voices that revolve around the...
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Gates of the Lamb (Media Education for Faith Formation)

Il-Film Gates of the Lamb Gates of the Lamb Is-Soċjetà tad-Duttrina Nisranija (MUSEUM) qed torganizza attività għallpubbliku ġenerali fejn ser jintwera l-film Gates of the Lamb tad- Direttur Audrius Stonys. Marbut ma’ dan, is-Soċjetà għal din il-lejla stiednet lil Fr Gediminas...
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Media Education Courses for Media and PSCD Teachers

Dear Media and PSCD teachers, In this poster you have the details of two courses that will be help in April and in May, specifically designed for you. The first is a basic course, like the one organized last scholastic year, intended for those who could not make it then. The...
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