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Alan Knight

Journalism in the Age of Blogging

As part of the first-ever World Journalism Education Congress (WJEC), attracting 440 journalism and mass communication educators and professionals from 44 countries, and held in Singapore on June 26_28, 2007, panelists Alan Knight, Cherian George, and Alex Gerlis presented a lively debate on ‘‘Who Is a Journalist.’’ Knight argued that Journalism paradigms are in transition. Bloggers are providing competition through their often eye-witness reports. Quality blogs are influencing journalism practices. Knight argued that journalists must adapt to and embrace the Internet. Gerlis proposed that when we now ask ‘‘Who Is a Journalist’’, the answer is no longer anyone who is employed as journalist. The answer is that potentially, anyone and everyone can be a journalist. George warns again uncritically invoking professional standards as the dividing line that separates journalists from non-journalists

Full Article: bloggers_journalists_ethics_good

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