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Joseph Borg, Mary Anne Lauri

Media Education In Malta: Historical Perspectives And Current Developments

This paper discusses the development of the media education program as it was conceptualized in 1980 and how it developed to the present day. It examines the reasons for the introduction of the program and the strategy adopted. The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of media education are discussed in the light of the debate that developed in other countries. This includes comments about different models of media education, the level of inoculation some programs have and the decision whether the subject should be taught on its own or integrated with other subjects. The development of the program, especially the new edition of the books used in this program and the strategy of the program are addressed. The paper focuses on the main themes of the program: (i) the formal or media language aspects; (ii) the content aspect, (iii) children’s use of the media, (iv) the societal and organizational aspect – in general and with particular reference to Malta and (v) the production aspect. These aspects are discussed with reference literature on the subject and its treatment in the media education books. A final section will outline possible developments for the program.

Full Article: Final long on IAMCR site

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