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Sherlock Holmes – The most filmed role in history

Sherlock Holmes – The evolution of Conan Doyle’s creation  presentation and discussion 2nd February

Euro Media Forum and Palazzo de Piro present the Sherlock Holmes presentation and discussion on Sunday 2nd February at 2.00 p.m. at Palazzo de Piro, Mdina.

Film historians believe Sherlock Holmes to be the most filmed role in history, a character so real to so many for so long that letters addressed to the “consulting detective” at 221b Baker Street, London, have been arriving in the mail regularly for over a century. When Arthur Conan Doyle first invented the character Sherlock Holmes in A Study in Scarlet, published in 1887, the brilliant but eccentric detective was regarded by many as the perfect hero for his age. A reasoning machine who believed in science above all, he was an ideal fit for an era of dizzying advances and ideas. In the latest BBC incarnation Sherlock, actor Benedict Cumberbatch plays a reimagined Holmes in contemporary London. Although he now has the power of the internet and a smart phone, Holmes still needs only his formidable powers of deduction to determine on first meeting Watson (played by Martin Freeman) that the doctor has just returned from Afghanistan. Speakers Magdalena Grajcar and Luke Caruana will give an insight into the evolution of Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation from the Victorian era to the Facebook age and as to how whatever the century, the world’s greatest detective continues to fascinate and intrigue audiences.

The event is open for anyone and the audience is invited to participate and put forward to the panel their questions, curiosities and observations. To spice up the day there will also be a massive Sherlock and Murder mystery quiz, with the opportunity to win great prizes. So quiz participants the game is afoot, keep your eyes open for the great detective’s clues! Limited seating is available. Tickets are 10 euros and include afternoon tea a mouth-watering feast of sandwiches, cookies and cakes from Palazzo de Piro. For bookings please email euromediaforum@gmail.com or send an sms to 99454066, or log in http://www.facebook.com/Euro.Media.Forum

The event is being supported by Palazzo de Piro, Eden Cinemas, DESA, Giotto restaurant, Malta Film network and the Good Causes Fund.

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