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Sue Saltmarsha, Wendy Sutherland-Smith, Simon Kittob

Technographic research in online education: context, culture and ICT consumption

Technologically-mediated learning environments are an increasingly common component of university experience. In this paper, the authors consider how the interrelated domains of policy contexts, new learning cultures and the consumption of information and communication technologies might be explored using the concept of technography. Understood here as a term referring to ‘‘the apprehension, reception, use, deployment, depiction and representation of technologies’’ (Woolgar, 2005, pp. 27–28), we consider how technographic studies in education might engage in productive dialogues with interdisciplinary research from the fields of cultural and cyber studies. We argue that what takes place in online learning and teaching environments is shaped by the logics and practices of technologies and their role in the production of new consumer cultures.

Full Article: critical_VLE_pedagogy

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