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Website Launch & Logo Design

During the Media Education seminar of Friday 31st May 2013, a new website will be launched abou the subject. Its main aims will be to promote a cross-curricular approach toward Media Education and to provide updated and relevant resources on ME to teachers of every curricular subject. Parents and teachers will also be provided with relevant material which they can utilize and which can help them become more media literate.


A new official logo will also be launched during the seminar. As one can immediately realize it is in the form of a cross. This immediately reminds us of the fact that the Catholic Church in Malta was a pioneer of Media Education, which was introduced in 1981. Now the Church wants to give ME new relevance and vitality in a world that is dominated by media technology. The different colours show that the new pedagogy for Media Education should be fun to teachers and students as it is based on an active, constructive and participative learning style that is student-centred. The steps and the space in the middle signify progressive exploration of media-related knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Key words for construction of logo: fun and active learning, progression, exploration, the relatedness of ME in Malta with the Catholic Church.

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