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Janette Long

Changing Teachers’ Practice through Critical Reflection on Pedagogy

Pedagogy is concerned with teachers’ knowledge, beliefs, values and attitudes about how students learn and the implementation of the most effective teaching practices to enhance student learning...
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Sue Saltmarsha, Wendy Sutherland-Smith, Simon Kittob

Technographic research in online education: context, culture and ICT consumption

Technologically-mediated learning environments are an increasingly common component of university experience. In this paper, the authors consider how the interrelated domains of policy contexts,...
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Andrew Williams

Beyond user-generated content: a production study examining the ways in which UGC is used at the BBC

This article provides a case study of the BBC, and the attitudes of its news workers towards audience material, or, as it is more commonly referred to, usergenerated content (UGC). Research has...
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Wael Salah Fahmi

Bloggers’ street movement and the right to the city.

Faced with formidable challenges to expression in Cairo’s public spaces, urban blogger activists have developed new ways of articulating dissent, namely spatial tactics ranging from boycott...
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